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POE 4E1-FE Interface Converter

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Type : POE interface converter
Description :

It can realize 1~4 E1 channel to convert between Ethernet interface.


This interface converter is based on FPGA, using reverse direction multiplexing technology to bundle for multiple E1 circuits to transmit the Ethernet data of 4Channel 100BASE-TX. It can realize 1~4 E1 channel to convert between Ethernet interface. This device can transmit the transceiver signal point to point to Ethernet optical interface to make E1 channels interconnected with Ethernet optical interface. Unlike general remote network bridge, this device can support 1-4Channel E1 channel configuration, can automatically detect the number of E1 and select the E1 available. It allows E1 lines transmission time delay difference.



Based on self -copyright IC

To achieve Ethernet data transparent transmission in 1-4E1 circuits

Can realize the local and the remote device reset

Ethernet Interface is 100BASE-FX, support VLAN protocol

Inter-set dynamic Ethernet MAC address (4,096) with local data frame filtering function

Single Channel lines rate is 1984Kbit/s, 4Channel Bandwidth is up to 7936Kbit/s

Channel 10M/100M Ethernet interface can isolate each other to realize communication independently

Ethernet interface supports10M/100M, half/full duplex auto- adaptable and AUTO-MDIX  (crossed line and straightly connected line self-adaptable )

CRC automatic alarm threshold can be set to isolate the poor quality transmission lines and cut off a single-direction. When 2M branch circuit onedirection error rate exceeds threshold, cutting off this direction the other direction is not affected; that is to say, both of the Ethernet directiontransmission can be asymmetric

Allow 4-Channel E1 transmission time delay difference 100ms. When the margin exceed the allowed range, the system can automatically stopon the E1 that time delay is too large to send data

E1 interface conform to ITU-T G.703, G.704 and G.823, not support the use of signal timeslot

E1 interface module with inter-set clock recovery circuit and HDB3 code circuit

Support E1 channel hot-plug in the device, and automatically detects the effective E1 channel and will not interrupt data transmission

Can support 1-4Channel E1 channel configuration, can automatically detect the number of E1 and select the E1 available;

Ethernet supports standard IEEE802.3af / at power supply; Each port can be sufficient power output 15.4W (IEEE802.3af), at 25.5W (IEEE802.3at);


●  E1 Interface

Interface Standard:    comply with protocol G.703;

Interface Rate:    n*64Kbps±50ppm;

Interface Code:    HDB3;

E1 Impedance:    75Ω (unbalance), 120Ω (balance);

Jitter tolerance:    In accord with protocol G.742 and G.823

Allowed Attenuation: 0~6dBm

●  Ethernet interface(10/100M)

Interface rate: 10/100 Mbps, half/full duplex auto-negotiation

Interface Standard:     Compatible with IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.1Q (VLAN)

MAC Address Capability: 4096

Connector:     RJ45, support Auto-MDIX

● Ethernet POE features

PoE standard: IEEE 802.3af / at

PoE Type: End Crossing Method (optional

intermediatebridging method)

PoE Port Features: Port output power 15.4W /


PoE transmission core: 1/2 +, 3/6-pair (optional 4/5

+, 7/8-pair)

●  Working environment

Working temperature:    -10°C ~ 50°C

Working Humidity:    5%~95 % (no condensation)

Storage temperature: -40°C ~ 80°C

Storage Humidity: 5%~95 % (no condensation)


Functional Description

POE 4E1/FE interface Converter

Port Description

4* E1 interface;FE Interface


Power supply: AC180V ~ 260V;DC –48V;DC +24V

Power consumption: ≤10W


Product Size: Mini type 216X140X31mm (WXDXH),1.3KG/piece




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