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8 Port Serial Ethernet Server | Support SSL, MQTT, Modbus-RTU to Modbus-TCP

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Type : Serial to Ethernet Converter
Description :

The 8 port DIN-rail industrial serial to ethernet converter (server) supports 8 channels of RS232/RS422/RS485 to 2 channels of 100M Ethernet.


This DIN-rail serial server is designed with an IP40 protection level, which is a device that enables serial devices to be connected to a network immediately. It can centralize the management of scattered serial devices and hosts through the network. This product supports 8 channels of RS-232/RS-422/RS-485 to 2 channels of 100Mbps Ethernet, meeting the requirement for dual IP and dual MAC addresses/multiple network management or network backup, and can be installed on a 35mm rail or a wall.


The serial server supports multiple network protocols, such as TCP, UDP, ARP, ICMP, HTTP, DNS, DHCP, SNMP, Telnet, SSH, MQTT, etc. It has comprehensive management functions, including access control, quick configuration, online upgrade, etc. Each serial port supports up to 4 TCP or UDP sessions, and multiple working modes such as Modbus TCP, TCP Server, TCP Client, UDP Server, and UDP Client. It also supports WEB access. In addition, the provided Windows-based management configuration tool allows for easy and immediate networking of serial devices through simple settings. The network management system has a user-friendly interface and is easy to operate, providing users with a good experience.


The hardware features fanless, low-power, wide-temperature, and wide-voltage design, and it has undergone rigorous testing by industry standards to meet the demands of industrial environments with strict EMC requirements. This device can be widely used in various applications, including PLC control and management, building automation, healthcare automation systems, measurement instruments, and environmental power monitoring systems.


It can be used in many embedded network control applications, such as:

– Industrial Automation Production

– Security Access Control: network access control, alarm devices, infrared detection alarms, and remote card readers

– Smart Home Devices: smart home gateways, smart sockets, and smart switches

– Network IO Controller: Industrial Remote IO Input, Remote Relay Control

– Building Automation and Energy Monitoring

– Medical Monitoring Equipment


It uses ARM 9 processor with a main frequency 300MHz, running Linux OS OpenWrt system.

It supports 2 10/100M adaptive Ethernet interfaces, providing dual IP and dual MAC addresses to meet the requirements of multiple network management or network backup.

Ethernet supports 10/100base-T adaptive and supports automatic negotiation (Auto-Nego Full&half duplex) and automatic crossover detection (MDI/MDIX).

● Serial port supports 300bps-150000bps line-speed non-blocking communication.

The serial data port has 2 modes:

   1. Each port provides one of RS-232/RS-485/RS-485 interfaces, which can be configured arbitrarily at the factory.

   2. Each port provides all three types of RS-232/RS-485/RS-485 interfaces, which can be set to different interface modes in the field by DIP switch.

It supports Modbus TCP, TCP Server, TCP Client, UDP Server, UDP Client, and other working modes.

It completes transparent conversion from Modbus-RTU to Modbus-TCP, enabling serial device data to be read through the network.

It supports SSL security protocol for serial data encryption transmission.

It supports MQTT multiple topics subscription and publishing functions.

It supports MQTT transparent transmission and Modbus-to-JSON data packet conversion, and supports parsing JSON issued by the server and timed reporting functions respectively.

It supports MQTT protocol docking with various cloud platforms such as Huawei Cloud, and Alibaba Cloud.

It supports serial port status and parameters monitoring, with communication status clear at a glance.

It supports communication across gateways and routers, virtual serial port driver access mode, and network interruption automatic reconnection function.

Flexible serial data framing settings to meet various packeting requirements of users.

It supports standard TCP/IP SOCKET application program access, with support for multiple connections, meeting the requirements of up to 4 users simultaneously monitoring or managing serial devices.

In UDP mode, the device supports communication between single or multiple devices, meeting the requirements of multiple users simultaneously monitoring or managing serial devices.

It supports various configuration forms such as Windows configuration tool, SSH, Telnet, and WEB, and supports SNMP network management.

It supports local and remote system firmware upgrades.

It supports wide range 9-55V AC and DC power input, internal isolation, and redundant dual power input.

The power supply supports overload protection and anti-reverse connection protection, and it meets the requirements of industrial electromagnetic compatibility level 4.

Strong lightning protection function: lightning protection, high voltage induction resistance, surge protection, etc.; fanless and efficient heat dissipation, reducing repair time.

Anodized aluminum alloy shell, IP40 protection level, capable of withstanding harsh environments; it can be mounted on a din rail or wall-mounted.

Working temperature: -40℃~ +85℃.

The device has passed the 100% burn-in test.


● 10/100M Ethernet Port

Protocol: Comply with IEEE 802.3ab, IEEE 802.3z

Rate: 10/100M adaptive, Full duplex/Half duplex adaptive

MAC Address Table: 4096

Physical Interface: RJ45, support Auto-MDIX


Serial Port


EIA/TIA-232 RS-232 (ITU-T V.28)

EIA/TIA-422 RS-422 (ITU-T V.11)

EIA/TIA-485 RS-485 (ISO/IEC8284)

Serial interface

RS-422: TxD+ TxD- RxD+ RxD- GND

RS-485 4 wires: TxD+ TxD- RxD+ RxD- GND    RS-485 2 wires: A(corresponding TX+) B(corresponding TX-) GND



Environmental Indicators

Operating temperature: -40 ℃ – +80 ℃

Storage temperature: -40 ℃ – +85 ℃

Humidity: 0% -95% (non-condensing)

MTBF:> 100,000 hours


Product Model


Function Description

Transmitting 8*RS232/422/485 serial data on Ethernet, industrial din railed

Port Description

8 RS232/422/485 serial port; 2 Fast Ethernet port

Power Supply

Redundant Dual power input DC9-55V or AC 7-43V, power consumption is less than 5W

Product Size

Shell: IP40 protection grade, aluminum alloy material

Size: 133mm(length) x 130mm(width)x 40mm(height)

Mounting method: DIN-rail, wall-mounted




Case 1: single applying

Case 2: paired applying


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