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E1 TDM over IP (Ethernet) Converter | Desktop Type

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Type : E1 TDM over IP
Description :

The E1 TDM over IP converter is mainly used to transmit E1 signals on the IP network.


The E1 TDM over IP converter is mainly used for transmitting E1 signals over the IP network. It allows operators and enterprises to connect TDM equipment and user Ethernet on a standard low-cost wireless or wired Ethernet/IP structure without sacrificing quality.


TDM over IP technology provides transparency for TDM signals, ensuring seamless connectivity for devices equipped with a physical E1 interface. This includes devices such as PBX systems, mobile base stations, SS7 signaling equipment, and voicemail systems. It can be used in IP-based communication systems, such as LAN, WAN, MAN, and wireless networks.


The device has 1 E1 service port, 2 10/100/1000M Ethernet ports, 1 100/1000M adaptive SFP optical port, and a console management interface.


1 port e1 tdm to ip converter 1 port e1 tdm to ip converter



Adopt arm cortex – M4 processor with a primary frequency of 192 MHz;

Anodized aluminum alloy shell, IP40 protection grade, and it can withstand the test of harsh environments;

The device provides both console (CLI) and web management interfaces, making it easy to install and activate;

The device features one E1 circuit, two 10/100/1000M Ethernet ports, and one 100/1000M Ethernet SFP optical port.

The E1 interface supports both 75 Ω and 120 Ω without requiring any settings;

The device is capable of transparently transmitting both framed and unframed E1 (N*64K) signals over IP network, which is in compliance with the relevant G.703 standards;

The clock recovery process employs unique clock algorithm technology, ensuring stable frequency restoration with low jitter and drift. Furthermore, the jitter and drift of the recovered clock comply with the specifications of G.823/G.824 and G.8261;

The device offers high transmission efficiency and low transmission latency. Ethernet packet length can be configured, and jumbo frames are supported. Additionally, the device supports VLAN settings;

It supports E1 link loss indication function;

It supports local and remote E1 loopback functions, as well as local E1 enablement settings;

It offers high transmission efficiency, with up to 90% bandwidth utilization efficiency;

It supports online software and hardware upgrades for both local and remote devices via the web management interface;

Many power supply modes are available: AC220V, DC48V/DC24V, etc.


● 10/100/1000M Ethernet Interface

Protocol: IEEE 802.3az, IEEE 802.1Q (VLAN)

Rate: 10/100/1000M adaptive, full/half duplex fully adaptive

MAC Address Table Capacity: 4096 MAC addresses can be learned

Physical interface: RJ45 seat supports auto mdix


E1 Interface

Device Interface: Compliant with G.703 recommendations

Speed: 2048Kb/s±50ppm

Line Code: HDB3

Impedance: unbalanced 75 Ω / balanced 120 Ω

(unbalanced coaxial interface adapter can be adapted to 75-2/3 coaxial cable)

Jitter Performance: Compliant with G.742 and G.823 recommendations

Input Port Attenuation Allowed: 0~6dbm


Environmental Indicators

Operating temperature: – 10 ℃ – + 60 ℃

Storage temperature: – 40 ℃ – + 85 ℃

Working humidity: 0% – 95% (no condensation)

MTBF: > 100000 hours




Product Name

E1 TDM over IP Converter

Function Description

TDM over IP: one E1 interface is transmitted on the IP network to support console network management and web network management

Ports Description

1 * E1 Interface, 2 * 10/100/1000M Ethernet Ports, 1 * 100/1000M adaptive Ethernet SFP optical port, web network management interface, console interface

Power Supply

Power supply: AC180v ~ 260V; DC –48V; DC +24V
Power consumption: ≤ 10W

Product Size

(L×W×H) 216*130*31mm, Desktop




application of e1 tdm over ip converter


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