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Industrial Managed 4-Port Fast Ethernet Media Converter

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Type : Managed Industrial Media Converter
Description :

The device is an Ethernet IEEE 802.3 media converter that enables the conversion of 100 Mbps optical Ethernet to 4 100 Mbps Ethernet, along with support for one RS232/422/485 serial port.


This device is an Ethernet IEEE 802.3 media converter that enables the conversion of 100 Mbps optical Ethernet to 4 100 Mbps Ethernet, along with support for one RS232/422/485 serial port. It supports transmission distances of 20/40/60/80/120 kilometers.


It is based on an Ethernet switch chip and FPGA solution, equipped with powerful local and remote management capabilities, this device can be integrated into a layer-3 network management system alongside 4*optical to 4*Ethernet devices and 1*optical to 1*ethernet with RS232 devices. It features comprehensive alarm functions, ensuring stable and reliable operation, low power consumption, high integration, and a compact form factor.


The device features an industrial rail-mounted design, specifically designed for harsh industrial environments.
The device provides 4 100 Mbps Ethernet ports, 1 RS232/422/485 serial port, and 1 100 Mbps optical port, with a total transmission bandwidth of line-rate 100M.
The ethernet ports support 10/100Mbps auto-negotiation and MDI/MDI-X auto-adaptation without the need for manual adjustment.
It incorporates an automatic power-off and system reboot function in case of optical module failure.
The device has a built-in 512Kbit MP-SSRAM high-speed memory, non-blocking design, and features such as automatic reset in case of system freeze, making it suitable for high-bandwidth data applications such as video transmission.
Based on FPGA+ARM design, the device offers powerful local and remote management capabilities and can be connected to 2U card-insertion devices. It can also be configured with an SNMP network management card for management.
It supports VLAN long packet transmission and can be used in conjunction with switch products that support IEEE802.1Q protocol, enabling support for Ethernet packets up to a maximum of 10K bytes.
The device provides functions such as broadcast storm protection, flow balancing, collision isolation, and error detection.
The Ethernet and serial data interfaces are protected against lightning strikes, meeting the GB/T17626.5 (IEC61000-4-5) short-circuit current wave 8/20μs and open-circuit peak output voltage 6KV standards.
It offers 1 RS232/485/422 interface, with an optional RS232/485/422 channel that allows for the transmission of asynchronous serial data at baud rates from 0 to 115200.
The network management feature allows real-time viewing and management of the interface status and settings for both the local and remote Ethernet.
The device has a power failure detection function that can detect power loss to the remote device or fiber optic failure when the optical signal is lost.
It supports a wide range of 9-55V AC and DC power inputs.
It supports internal isolation and redundant dual power inputs.
The power supply is equipped with overload protection and reverse connection protection.
It complies with industrial-grade electromagnetic compatibility requirements.
It provides excellent lightning protection, making it resistant to lightning strikes, high voltage induction, surge protection, and other related issues.
With a fanless design, it ensures efficient heat dissipation and reduced repair time.
The device is enclosed in an anodized aluminum alloy housing, providing an IP40 protection rating. It is capable of withstanding the challenges posed by harsh environmental conditions.
It can be installed either on a rail or wall-mounted.
It is designed to operate within a wide temperature range, from -40°C to +85°C.
The device has passed the 100% burn-in testing and comes with a 5-year warranty period.


● Fiber

Fiber Type: Single/Dual fiber
Fiber Interface: FC/SC/ST/LC(SFP)
Wavelength: 850nm/1310nm Multimode; 1310nm/1550nm Single mode
Non-relay Transmission Distance: 20~120Km
Typical Transmitter Power:
Single-mode 1310/1550nm: ≥-9dBm
Multi-mode 850nm: -18dBm
Multi-mode 1310nm: -25dBm
Receiver Sensitivity Range: -28dBm~-40dBm

● 10/100M Ethernet Interface

Protocol: Compliant with IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.1Q (VLAN)

Rate: 10/100M adaptive, full/half duplex auto-negotiation

MAC Address Table: Capable of learning 4096 MAC addresses

Physical Interface: RJ45 socket, supports Auto-MDIX (Auto-crossover/Straight-through adaptation)


● Serial Interface

Baud Rate: 0-115.2K

Interface Characteristics: EIA-RS232/EIA-RS422/EIA-RS485

Physical Interface: Terminal block


● Power Supply

Redundant Dual Power Inputs: DC9-48V, power consumption <5W
Overload Protection: Supported
Reverse Connection Protection: Supported
Redundancy Protection: Supported
Terminal Access: 4-core 5.08mm pitch pluggable terminal block


● Product Specification

Enclosure: IP40 protection level, aluminum alloy material
Dimensions: 133mm (Length) x 120mm (Width) x 31.0mm (Height)
Installation Methods: Rail-mounted, wall-mounted
Weight: 0.685kg/unit


● Environmental Indicators

Operating Temperature: -40°C to +85°C (Industrial grade)
Storage Temperature: -40°C to +85°C
Operating Humidity: 0% to 95% (Non-condensing)
MTBF: >100,000 hours


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