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E3/DS3/STS-1 Fiber Optic Modem

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Type : E3/DS3/STS-1 Fiber Modem
Description :

The E3/DS3/STS-1 fiber optic modem directly modulates the E3/DS3/STS-1 data signal to single-mode or multi-mode optical fiber.


The E3/DS3/STS-1 fiber optic modem directly modulates E3/DS3/STS-1 data signal to single-mode or multi-mode optical fiber with a transmission rate of E3(34.368Mbps±20ppm)/DS3(44.736Mbps±20ppm)/STS-1(51.84Mbps±20ppm).


E3/DS3/STS-1 Fiber Optic Modem E3/DS3/STS-1 Fiber Optic Modem


Based on self-copyright IC;

Integrated Transmitter, Receiver, and Jitter Attenuator for DS3, E3, and STS-1;

Provide 2 fiber interface 1+1 protect (APS) functions, one is the main fiber port, and the other is the backup port (Optional).

Provide 75 Ωunbalance coaxial cable, B3ZS/HDB3 decoding, and loss-of-signal monitoring;

After strict testing and a practical verification system, completely comply with protocol ITU-T G.703, G.7;

Have 3 Loop Back Mode: Fiber interface Loop Back (ANA), E1 interface Loop Back(DIG), Command the remote E1 interface Loop Back (REM);

Have pseudo-random code test function, easily line opened, can be used as a BER Tester;

AC 220V, DC-48V, DC+24V, DC Power and DC-48V/DC24V power has polarity automatic detection function, you can install the device without differentiation between positive and negative polarity.


● Fiber          

Optical port: 1 , 2(1+1)

Optical Fiber:  Single/Dual fiber

Fiber interface: FC/SC/ST/LC (SFP)

Wavelength: 850nm/1310nm Multi-mode; 1310nm/1550nm Single-mode

Relay-free transmission distance: 20~120Km

Typical transmit power:

Single mode1310/1550nm: ≥-9dB

Multimode850nm: -18dBm

Multimode1310nm: -25dBm

Receive sensitivity range: -28dBm~- 40dBm

Physical Interface: RJ45 Support Auto-MDIX


● E3/DS3/STS-1  Interface   

Standard: Conform to ITU-T G.703 G.751

Code rate: E3(34.368Mbps±20ppm)



Code type: B3ZS(DS3,STS-1)/HDB3(E3)        

Impendence: 75Ω (unbalance)

Connector: BNC (unbalance)

Cable at Lengths: 75 Coaxial Cable Up to 380m (DS3), 440m (E3), or 360m (STS-1) 


● Working Environment  

Operating temperature: -10℃—+60℃ 

Storage temperature: -40℃—+85℃

Working humidity: 0%—95% (No condensation)

MTBF: >100,000 hour


Product Model

FCP-E3 (E3 Fiber Modem)

FCP-DS3 (DS3 Fiber Modem)

FCP-STS1 (STS-1 Fiber Modem)

Function Description

E3/DS3/STS-1 Fiber Modem (1+1 Fiber Backup)

Port Description

2 optic ports; E3/DS3/STS-1 ports

Power Supply

AC220V / DC-48V /DC+24V (optional power supply)

Product Size

(L × W × H) 485* 140 * 45 mm 19 inch 1U rack

(L × W × H) 216*140*31mm  Desktop


2.75KG/PCS 19 inch 1U rack, 0.75KG/PCS Desktop


application of E3/DS3/STS-1 Fiber Optic Modem


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