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Unframed E1 to Fiber Converter

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Type : E1 Fiber Modem
Description :

The unframed


The unframed E1 to fiber converter provides one E1 interface and one optical interface, enabling interface conversion between E1 and optical signals.

In unframed mode, users can utilize a data channel speed of 2.048Mbps. The device has a built-in loopback testing feature, facilitating engineering provisioning and routine maintenance.


The E1 to fiber converter simultaneously supports adaptive 120Ω/balanced and 75Ω/unbalanced impedance, eliminating the need for manual configuration.

The system has undergone rigorous testing and practical validation, fully complying with ITU-T recommendations such as G.703 and G.704.

3 loopback functions: optical loopback, E1  local loopback, and remote E1 loopback.

Peudo-random code testing function (PATT), equivalent to a built-in error detector, facilitating line provisioning testing.

Optional power supply options include AC 220V, DC -48V, and DC +24V, with no polarity distinction for DC power supply.


● Fiber

Fiber: single/dual fiber

Fiber Interfaces: FC/SC/ST/LC (SFP)

Wavelength: 850nm/1310nm (Multi-mode); 1310nm/1550nm (Single-mode)

Non-relay Transmission Distance: 20-120km

Typical Transmit Power:

  Single-mode 1310/1550nm: ≥-9dBm

  Multi-mode 850nm: -18dBm

  Multi-mode 1310nm: -25dBm

Receive Sensitivity Range: -28dBm to -40dBm


● E1 Interface

Standard: Comply with protocol G.703

Rate: n*64Kbps±50ppm

Line Code: HDB3

Impedance: Unbalanced 75Ω/Balanced 120Ω

Jitter Characteristics: Comply with G.742 and G.823 recommendations

Input Attenuation Range: 0~6dBm


● Working Environment

Working temperature: -10°C ~ 50°C

Working Humidity: 5%~95 % (no condensation)

Storage temperature: -40°C ~ 80°C

Storage Humidity: 5%~95 % (no condensation)


Function Description

Unframed E1 Fiber Modem, Provide 1* 2048K E1 transmission in optical fibers

Port Description

1 Fiber interface; 1 E1 Interface


Power supply: AC180V ~ 260V; DC –48V; DC +24V

Power consumption: ≤5W


216X140X31mm (WXDXH)



Application of E1 to Fiber Converter

application of Unframed E1 Fiber Optic Modem


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