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16-Port 3G HD SDI to Fiber Optic Converter

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Type : HD-SDI to Fiber Converter
Description :

The 3G HD-SDI over fiber converter can transmit 16 channels of 3Gbps HD-SDI video signals through a single-mode fiber for long-distance bidirectional transmission.


The HD SDI to Fiber Optic Converter adopts digital coding technology, which can transmit 16 channels of 3Gbps HD-SDI video signals through a single-mode fiber for long-distance bidirectional transmission and can transmit the signal without distortion or relay up to 80 km.


The signal format of 3G bps HD-SDI HDTV optical transceiver ranges from 270mbps to 2.97gbps. 3G bps HD-SDI video optical transceiver system supports signals of digital TV formats such as SMPTE424M, SMPTE292, SMPTE344M, SMPTE259M, DVB-ASI(270M), etc.


The 3G HD-SDI to fiber converter


This HD SDI to fiber optic converter is designed with a fully aluminum and anodized 19-inch 1U rack-mountable design.

Used in pairs, where the video signal input is located on one end and the video signal output is located on the other end.

Supports automatic detection for SD, HD, and 3G inputs, with a support range of 270Mbit/s to 3Gbit/s and a maximum transmission distance of 80KM for the new FULL HD 1080P/60HZ 3Gbps HD-SDI format signal.

Compatible with SMPTE 424M (2.97Gbps/s), SMPTE 292M (1.485Gbps/s), SMPTE 344M (540Mb/s), SMPTE 259M (360Mb/s), and DVB-ASI (270Mb/s).

● The transmitter is equipped with automatic cable equalization and can support transmissions of 80M:2.97Gb/s, 140M:1.485Gb/s, and 250M:270Mb/s.

● Both the transmitter and the receiver are equipped with LED indicators to show the status of the SDI signal input.

● The video interface provides three-level lightning protection and can pass the test of ITU-T K.21 (10/700 μS) common mode: 6KV impedance (40 Ω).

This 3G HD SDI to fiber optic converter can be powered by AC220V or DC-48V/+24V.


● Fiber     

Optical port: 1

Fiber: Single fiber

Connector: FC

Wavelength: 1310nm-1610nm single-mode

Transmission distance without relay: 0~80Km

Typical transmit power: Single mode 100uw — 0.93mw  


● 3Gbps HD-SDI Video

Video bandwidth: 270Mb/s-2.97Gb/s

TV signal standards: SMPTE 424M, SMPTE 292M, SMPTE 344M, SMPTE 259M and DVB-ASI

Reflection loss: >15DB

Equalization: 250m @ 270Mbit/s, 140m @ 1.485Gbit/s, 80m @ 2.97Gbit/s

Interface: 75 ohm BNC


● Working Environment

Working temperature: -10 ° C – +60 ° C

Storage temperature: -40 ° C – +85 ° C

Working humidity: 0% – 95% (no condensation)

MTBF: >100,000 hours


Product Model


Function Description

transmission of 16 channel 3Gbps HD-SDI signal over the fiber

Port Description

1 fiber interface; 16 channel 3Gbps HD-SDI interfaces

Power Supply

AC220V / DC-48V / DC+24V

Product Size

Dimensions: 485mm (length) x 200mm (width) x 45mm (height)



Application of HD SDI to Fiber Optic Converter

application of 16 Channel 3G HD-SDI over Fiber Converter


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