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4 Port 2K HDMI to Fiber Converter with Gigabit Ethernet

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Type : HDMI to Fiber Converter
Description :

The 4-channel 2K HDMI optical transceiver supports 4-channel 2K resolution HDMI signal high-speed video bandwidth and 1-port Gigabit Ethernet.


The 4-channel 2K HDMI fiber converter supports 4-channel 2K resolution HDMI signal high-speed video bandwidth and 1-channel Gigabit Ethernet. It uses a single fiber to extend 4 HDMI signals, speakers, and microphones. It is used for communication with LCD screen and camera pan/tilt, and can also be used for long-distance transmission of touch screen. It has many features of low energy consumption, long-distance transmission, plug-and-play, strong compatibility, and can achieve more accurate display.


● The device is used in pairs, the video signal input of the local end and the video signal output of the opposite end can be configured as bidirectional HDMI transmission.

The interior of the device is a modular design, and the input and output can be configured arbitrarily within a range of up to 4 channels, such as 2 channels of bidirectional HDMI.

It complies with HDMI1.3a standard and HDCP1.1 protocol.

It can externally connect one analog audio input, at which point HDMI audio is invalid (optional).

It automatically recognizes and configures various display modes, with a maximum resolution of 1080P60Hz and backward compatibility.

Single-mode and multi-mode optical fiber transmission can transmit up to 80KM.

It has a built-in ESD protection circuit, which can effectively prevent electrostatic damage.

● On-site installation: simple and convenient, plug and play, no need to set up.

It has ultra-low latency for video transmission.

It supports one 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet extension (optional).

● Optical fiber transmission, no driver, compatible with any system, plug and play.

It supports a wide range of 9-48V AC/DC input with internal isolation, redundant dual power input with overload protection and reverse connection protection.

It complies with industrial level 4 electromagnetic compatibility requirements.

It has a strong lightning protection function, which can resist lightning strikes, high-voltage induction, surge protection, etc.

It has efficient fanless heat dissipation, which reduces repair time.

It has an IP40 protection level for the enclosure, which can withstand harsh environments.

● DIN 35mm rail or wall-mounted installation.


● Fiber Port

Optical port: 1

Optical Fiber: Single fiber

Fiber interface: FC

Wavelength: 1310nm-1610nm Single mode

Relay-free transmission distance: 0~80Km

Typical transmit power: single mode 100uw — 0.93mw


HDMI Interface


HDMI female



HDMI 1.2

HDCP 1.2

Color Space

RGB, YCbCr 4:4:4 / 4:2:2, YUV 4:2:0




















● Audio Port  

Signal level: 0.5~4Vp-p

Input/Output Impedance:   600Ω (unbalanced or balanced)

AD/DA bit width: 24Bit

Sampling frequency: 128K

Bandwidth: 20Hz~20KHz

Total harmonic distortion:   <1%

Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR): >85dB

Physical interface: 3.5mm


● 10/100/1000M Ethernet Interface   

Protocol: Conforms to IEEE 802.3ab, IEEE 802.3z

Rate: 10/100/1000M adaptive, full/half duplex adaptive

MAC address table: can learn 4096 MAC addresses

Physical interface: RJ45 seat, support Auto-MDIX


● Working Environment   

Working temperature: -10 ° C – +60 ° C

Storage temperature: -40 ° C – +85 ° C

Working humidity: 0% – 95% (no condensation)

MTBF:  >100,000 hours


Product Model


Function Description

Simultaneously transmit 4 channels of 2K HDMI signals + 1 channel of Gigabit Ethernet over optical fiber

Port Description

1*optical fiber interface; 4*HDMI signals, 1*Gigabit Ethernet

Power Supply

Redundant dual power input DC9-48V/AC9-48V

Overload protection: support;

Reverse polarity protection: support;

Redundant protection: support

Access terminal: 4-core 5.08mm pitch plug-in terminal

Product Size

133mm(L) x 120mm(W) x 40.0mm(H)




application of hdmi to fiber


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