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Industrial Grade 4 Channel Serial Data Fiber Optic Modem

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Type : Serial Optical Fiber Modem
Description :

This product provides 1-4*RS232/422/485 in optical fiber transmission and supports point-to-point communications. On this basis, the networking is a more complex network topology, with self-healing ring network protection.


Provides 1-4*RS232/422/485 in the optical fiber transmission, supports point-to-point communications, and on this basis, the networking is more complex network topology, with a self-healing ring network protection. The product breakthroughs contradictory legacy serial interface communication distance and speed, but also solve electromagnetic interference, ground loop interference, and lightning damage problems, significantly improving the reliability of data communications, security, and confidentiality.


industrial grade serial to fiber converter industrial grade serial to fiber converter


Based on a proprietary integrated circuit;

Provide 1-4independent serial ports (RS232/422/485 optional) channel, physical isolation from each other,  there is no correspondence between the

Support point-to-point network topology loop between the bus and the device; 

while using optical isolation technology, isolation and internal communications bus data signal, Effective protection of the communications equipment from power surges and ground loop interference and sabotage 

RS232/485/422 interface, optional three data, RS232 supports 3-wire RS232 (TXD, RXD, GND), flow control support CD, DSR, CTS,

RS232 / 485/422 channels can be transmitted from0-115.2KBP Sasynchronous serial data adaptive

Serial port interface lightning reach IEC61000-4-5 (8 / 20μS) differential mode: 6KV, impedance (2Ω); Common mode: 6KV, impedance (2Ω) standard

Optional AC 220V, DC -48V, DC + 24V, DC power no positive and negative points


● Fiber

Multi-mode Fiber

50/125um, 62.5/125um,

Maximum transmission distance: 2Km @ 62.5 / 125um single mode fiber, attenuation (3dbm/km)Wave Length: 820nm

Transmitting power: -12dBm (Min) ~-9dBm (Max)

Receiver sensitivity: -28dBm (Min)

Link budget: 16dBm

Single-mode Fiber

8/125um, 9/125um

Maximum transmission distance: 40Km

Transmission distance: 40Km @ 9 / 125um single mode fiber,attenuation (0.35dbm/km)

Wave Length: 1310nm

Transmitting power: -9dBm (Min) ~-8dBm (Max)

Receiver sensitivity: -27dBm (Min)

Link budget: 18dBm


● RS232/422/485  interface 

Rate: 0-1.6Mbps

Interface characteristics:     EIA RS232 RS422 RS485
Connector: Phoenix terminal


● Working environment

Working temperature: -40°C ~ 85°C

Working Humidity: 5%~95 % (no condensation)

Storage temperature: -40°C ~ 85°C

Storage Humidity: 5%~95 % (no condensation)




Functional Description

4*Channel data Network Fiber Modem, Supports point-to-point communication

Port Description

One Fiber interface;8*Channel Data Network


Power supply: AC180V ~ 260V;DC –48V;DC +24V

Power consumption: ≤10W


Product Size: 133X120X40mm (WXDXH)




application of industrial grade serial to fiber converter


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