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32Ch Telephone Mux | SNMP | Integrated 6U Rack-mount

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Type : Rack mount size
Description :

This is a point to multi-point device developed by our company, based on the E1 line transmission special super scale integrated circuit.


This is a point to multi-point device developed by our company, based on the E1 line transmission special super scale integrated circuit. The slave end is a 6U rack, which can be plugged into 13 service cards. It also can plug in SNMP network management, realizing the SNMP integrated management.

Each multi-service fiber multiplexer card provides 32 telephone ports, 4 E1 ports, 4 FE ports, 2 GE ports, and 6 Ethernet electric ports which have independent bandwidth. The total bandwidth of 6 channels of Ethernet is 2400M, and each channel of the Ethernet signal is totally physically isolated. The device also provides 2 SFP slots for 1+1 optical backup. The internal circuit of the device adopts a fully digital circuit, with stable and reliable working, low power consumption, high integration, small size, and easy installation and maintenance.


32 Channel Telephone Multiplexer With SNMP


The total bandwidth of the integrated circuit fiber line based on independent intellectual property rights is 3.125G;

6U 13-slots frame can be plugged in at most 13 multi-service cards; available for SNMP network management;

E1interface complies with 703, adopts full digital clock recovery and smooth lock frame technology;

4channels of 10/100M Ethernet, full/half duplex is totally self-adaptive. Each Ethernet electric port has independent 100M bandwidth physical isolation;

2 channels of 10/100/1000MEthernet; full/half duplex is totally self-adaptive. Each channel has independent 1000M bandwidth physical isolation;

100M and 1000M Ethernet support the transmission of VLAN super-long data packets, support use with the switch machine under IEEE802.1Q protocol, support the maximum packet length up to 10240 bytes;

With Ethernet loop back protection function(when optical line loopback, Ethernet data will not be looped back, which protects from Ethernet clashes.

32channels of voice access, support caller ID function/reverse polarity billing/fax function; telephone supported mutual dialing function of both side

Voice port supports FXO/FXS/2 line audio/magnet telephone port, FXO port is connected to program switch, and FXS port is connected to user’s  telephone;

The device with power failure detection function, can detect that the opposite end device port is off or optical fiber is not connected when optical signal loss;

The transmission distance of the optical port is up to 80km, without relay; provide 1+1 optical port backup function to ensure the service is never interrupted;

Various power options: AC220V、DC-48V, etc. Support dual power.


●Optical fiber

Optical port:1,2(1+1 optical backup)

fiber: single fiber /dual fiber

Interface: FC/SC/ST/LC(SFP)

Wavelength:850nm/1310nm multi-mode;1310nm/1550nmsingle mode

Transmission distance without relay:20~120Km

Typical transmitting power:

   Single mode1310/1550nm:≥-9dBm

   Multi-mode 850nm:-18dBm

   Multi-mode1310nm: -25dBm

range of receiving sensitivity:-28dBm~- 40dBm

●E1 interface

Interface:  comply with G.703

 Rate:   2048Kb/s±50ppm

Code type:   HDB3

 Impedance:   unbalanced 75Ω/balanced 120Ω(the unbalanced will match coaxial interface adapter, can adopt to 75-2/3 coaxial cable)

 Jitter feature:  meet the G.742、G.823

 Input allowed attenuation:0~6dBm;

●10/100M Ethernet interface

protocol: comply with IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.1Q(VLAN)

Rate:10/100M self-adaptive, full/half duplex completely self-adaptive

MAC address capacity:4096 MAC addresses

Physical port:RJ45, support Auto-MDIX

●10/100/1000M Ethernet interface

Protocol: comply with IEEE 802.3ab,  IEEE 802.3z

Rate:10/100/1000M self-adaptive, full/half duplex self-adaptive

MAC addresses capacity:4096 MAC addresses

Physical port: RJ45, support Auto-MDIX

●FXS user telephone interface

Ring voltage:       75V

Ring frequency:    25Hz

2 line input impedance:600Ω(pick up)

Return loss:        20dB

●FXO relay interface

Detect ring voltage:35V

Detect ring frequency:17Hz-60Hz

2 line input impedance:600Ω(pick up)

Return loss:        20 dB

●Magnet telephone interface

Ring voltage:75V

Ring frequency:25Hz

2 line input impedance:600Ω(摘机)

Return loss:    20dB

●Electric and machine feature

Power : AC180V~260V;DC–48V;DC+24V

(support dual power backup)

Power consumption:  ≤5W

Outer structure:485(L)X200(W)X45(H)mm 19inches 1U rack

Weight:  3.8Kg/piece

●Environmental indicator

Working temperature:-10℃—+60℃

Storage temperature:-40℃—+85℃

Working humidity:0%—95%(no condensation)

MTBF:   >100,000 hours




Function description

Transmitting 32 channels of telephone(FXO/FXS/2 line audio),4 channels of E1(75Ω or 120Ω),4 channels of 10/100M Ethernet(physical isolation) and 2 channels of 10/100/1000M Ethernet(physical isolation. Provide SNMP network management, and 1+1 optical backup.

Service port description

2 optical ports(1+1 optical backup;32 telephone ports;4 E1 ports;4 100M Ethernet port; 2 1000M ports; 1 SNMP port


AC220V or DC-48V(optional),support power redundant backup


(L×W×H)  485*250*267mm 6U rack




application of 32 Channel Telephone Multiplexer With SNMP


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